At Tokyo pancake cafe Riz Labo Kitchen, which opened in Japan to much fanfare in 2016, diners tend to coo “kawaii” when the pancakes are served. It is known for its gluten-free fluffy souffle pancakes that are prettily dressed up with fruit, fresh whipped cream, maple syrup and more.Riz means rice in French, which is a reference to the gluten-free rice flour that is a key ingredient in the pancake batter that includes brown sugar from Kagoshima, organic soy milk, rice oil and egg whites.A fraction of the original Omotesando cafe’s menu has been imported here. They include the matcha pancake that is sprinkled with matcha powder and topped with scoops of Hokkaido cream and azuki red beans, and strawberries and cream pancakes. (Referenced by 

ジャパンフード内に出店しました、東京のパンケーキカフェ『リズラボキッチン』が、2018年のミシュランのガイドに掲載されております。 (referenced by


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Tokyo Walker 3月号 裏参道ガーデンでお茶とスイーツざんまい 山田裕貴さんとパンケーキ 

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